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    In an effort to provide clear and accurate condition details to potential buyers and sellers, please refer to the grading guide below. Your adherence to the guide will ensure that a) you provide accurate condition information and b) buyers are satisfied with condition of the device upon receipt.

    • Device does not power on
    • Major operational issues (USB port not functioning, touchscreen issues)
    • Any major physical damage to the device (Buttons not working, cracked glass, screen burn-in, screen discoloration, case cracks, large dents, heavy scratches)

    • Some cosmetic damage (several dents, chipped casing, chipped paint)
    • Minor glass damage (light scratches, minimal heavy deep scratches)
    • Minor screen damage (barely noticeable scratching, a couple of dropped pixels)
    • Non operational issues (headphone jack not operating properly)
    • Device operates (powers up, minor screen responsiveness)

    • Cosmetic casing damage (worn smooth in some places, small dings, light scratches)
    • Minor glass scratches (minimal scratching, depth very light)
    • Buttons show signs of regular use
    • Device operates normally

    • Flawless screen and casing
    • Turned on at least once (or very minimally used)

    • Unopened box
    • Factory seals still intact
    • For non-sealed boxes: Cables and plugs remain in original plastic, screen protector (if applicable) still applied
    James Falconer
    Community Manager, Mobile Nations
    Email: james@mobilenations.com
    Twitter: @JamesFalconer
    06-07-2016 02:53 PM
  2. TLD1's Avatar
    That's perfect. Thanks, James. That will work for clarification & provide for a lot fewer disappointing transactions.
    06-10-2016 01:30 PM

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