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    Basic prerequisites to start porting Sailfish OS to your Android hardware:
    • The newly released HADK (Hardware Adaptation Development Kit)
    • A CyanogenMod 10.1 image for your device

    EA2 (Early Adopters r2) is out already!!! These Sailfish engineers don't mess around or drag their feet. The community is very excited over the progress made on the official Jolla port of Sailfish OS onto the Nexus 4. The Nexus 4 image was released 2nd March, 2014 and is now at EA3, which is pretty smooth and approaching Beta quality for public release (meaning it is approaching daily driver level of usability).

    With the release of the HADK, many port attempts are going on within the community. Many types of device owners have been waiting for their chance at Sailfish OS - a dynamic and fast evolving touch driven UI with an intuitive and powerful multitasking UX grown from the legacy of MeeGo and made modern with Mer, Wayland and Hybris. (Sailfish OS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) Early progress is being shown for Galaxy Nexus among others.

    Here are the official notes for HADK EA2:

    Betreff:The second Sailfish OS Hardware Adaptation Development Kit (HADK) Release (EA2)
    Datum:July 21, 2014 14:43
    Dear early adopter of Sailfish OS for Android devices. This is important
    - read this whole mail through and follow all steps exactly as written.

    IMPORTANT: If you choose to publish this mail through blogs, news sites,
    forums, or others, quote it as-is and in complete form ONLY, or people's
    devices may be at risk.

    We are extremely happy to release the EA2 version of the Sailfish OS
    Hardware Adaptation Development Kit (HADK), which describes how to port
    Sailfish OS to existing devices based on CyanogenMod 10.1.
    CM version 11.0 and AOSP versions will be supported eventually (and you
    can help to make this happen sooner!)

    Note that Sailfish OS images you will produce by following this
    documentat are likely to be under Sailfish OS EULA.

    We are excited to welcome you all to this adventurous porting journey.
    We want to build a community around Sailfish OS for Android devices that
    is based on mutual trust and respect for what we are all doing. Hence --
    we ask that whenever you do screenshots, videos, forum or blog posts or
    the like (and we're happy if you do!), you emphasise that this is an
    work-in-progress effort and not a productised release. It is important
    for Jolla that correct expectations are set for those who might be users
    of the final product -- and that they understand what they see is not a
    released product.

    Read through other notes in previous Nexus 4 EA image release emails, as
    they are all relevant (cached:
    [June 23] Sailfish OS for early adopters released for Nexus 4 - Post #433 - XDA Forum )

    HADK manual can be downloaded from (yes, you finally reached the
    essential part of this announcement ) :

    We will all meet in the support channel called #sailfishos-porters on
    irc.freenode.net and please use us (thp, alterego, Stskeeps, lbt,
    sledges) to work together, fix any bugs, graphical glitches or missing
    functionality that you find.

    You are also welcome to participate in the XDA threads:
    Nexus 4:
    [June 23] Sailfish OS for early adopters relů - Pg. 51 | Nexus 4 | XDA Forum
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus:
    [PROJECT] Sailfish OS on Galaxy Nexus - XDA Forum
    Generic Sailfish OS topics:
    Sailfish General - XDA Forum
    <port-your-device-xda-thread >

    Release Notes/Known Issues in HADK v1.0.2-EA2:
    - Table of contents
    - Internal and external hyperlinks
    - Out-of-bound text has now been mostly wrapped
    - Ubuntu chroot updated to trusty, fixes gcc issues (4.4.1)
    - mer-tools now points to rolling (chapter 6)
    - Improved flow when porting to new device (2.3, still not perfect
    - What to do in fixup-mountpoints? (14.3.2)
    - Explained what to do when kernel config is not complying with
    requirements (bottom 7.1.1, 14.3.5)
    - Where to find CM's defconfig? (14.3.5)
    - Local RPM repo creation fixed (7.1.2, 7.1.3)
    - Possible github API rate limit workaround explained (5.3)
    - Numerous bugfixes for smoother porting experience

    Release Notes/Known Issues in HADK v1.0.1-EA1:
    - Resulting HADK image for any device will not have Jolla Store support
    (whereas as official Nexus 4 >=EA3 images by Jolla have). We are still
    working on Jolla Store integration into HADK (aiming for Nexus 4 as very

    Kind regards,
    Simonas Leleiva (sledges) on behalf the Sailfish OS for Everyone team
    Engineer @ Jolla
    Lumia 1520.3 & Lumia 2520 Tablet - Superbly Matched.

    Windows Central Ambassador Team Leader

    Mobile Nations Devotee
    07-26-2014 12:17 PM

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